Who I am and why I'm here

As a college student, freaking out about what I want to do with my life, everything always came back to one thing, which so happens to be what makes me feel the most fulfilled and that’s doing things for others. I switched my major three times before I decided to go with my heart and the most unstable, not so promissing rout which was becoming a Photojournalist. I’m a hustler, adventurer, I will go the extra mile, I have a huge heart and care deeply, so telling people’s stories felt like the right fit. After 3 years in the field I wasn’t documenting regularly what I felt was important. I won’t get into that but this lack of telling raw, emotional human stories led me to weddings and that’s when everything changed.

Three years ago I jumped right into it, I started documenting weddings full time and my love for the experience with each couple has only grown. Every wedding is unique, just as every couple is unique and that’s what I get most excited about. Learning about your relationship, your culture, your hobbies, your interests and the things that you choose to incorporate in your wedding day because they make you you. So get married in a tree house, on a beach overlooking Lake Michigan, in your parent’s backyard or up north where you grew up vacationing, hike to your ceremony, arrive at your reception on a boat, whatever ideas you have, I fully support them and I will be there to capture it all! But what’s most important is choose what feels right for YOU.

My promise to you

I put everything I have into each and every shoot; I am going to do my very best, to capture you at your very best.  I excel in my field and want you to walk away absolutely stoked! This is my career, my passion and I take each role as your photographer very seriously.  I will go the extra mile to make an image and will spend time planning and making sure we are able to make the best out of any situation. 

I am always prepared for the best and the worst and at the end of the day it will be an adventure. It’s so important to me that you are relaxed, can be yourselves and fully enjoy what’s happening around you. What ever it takes, I want to satisfy everything you are looking to capture, and more!


When I’m not being the best third wheel or documenting fierce love stories, you will find me indulging in life with my amazing husband Nick, surrounding myself in nature, trying something new, cuddling with my fur baby Beaux, feeding my plant addiction, hosting friends for a bon fire or game night, out on the party barge or planning my next adventure.


My work has been published in:


USA Today
Detroit Free Press
Associated Press
Chicago Tribune


Los Angeles Times
The San Diego Union-Tribune
Traverse City Record Eagle
People Magazine