Who I am and why I'm here


I put everything I have into each and every shoot; I am going to do my very best, to capture you at your very best.  I excel in my field and want you to walk away absolutely stoked. This is my career, my passion and I take each role as your photographer very seriously.  I will go the extra mile to make an image and will spend time planning and making sure we are able to make the best out of any situation. 

I am always prepared for the best and the worst and at the end of the day it will be an adventure. It’s so important to me that you are relaxed, can be yourselves and fully enjoy what’s happening around you. What ever it takes, I want to satisfy everything you are looking to capture, and more!

When I’m not capturing life and sharing stories you will find me indulging in life with my amazing fiance Nick, surrounding myself in nature, trying something new, cuddling with my fur baby Beaux, hosting friends for a bon fire or game night, out on the party barge or planning our next adventure.

A few words to describe my photography: journalistic, real, candid, emotion, natural.


My work has been published in:


USA Today
Detroit Free Press
Associated Press
Chicago Tribune


Los Angeles Times
The San Diego Union-Tribune
Traverse City Record Eagle
People Magazine